FFFGRG “Blind Man” returns in a sequel that promises to give a twist to Fede Álvarez’s film

Between the string of delays and cancellations that have occurred during the last year due to the pandemic and the gradual return to normality that returns to bring great titles to the fore, I had almost completely forgotten the existence of a sequel to the fantastic ‘ Don’t breathe ‘ by Fede Álvarez ; but today, thanks to USA Today , I have taken a little joy .

The North American media has given us a first look at the feature film in the form of an image in which we can see Stephen Lang’s Blind Man brandishing a hammer. But this brief preview is not all, because he has brought under his arm a synopsis that promises to give a twist – or two, if you hurry me – what was seen in the original film.

The Blind Man has been hiding for several years in an isolated cabin and has adopted and raised a young woman who was orphaned in a fire. Her quiet life is shattered when a group of criminals kidnap the girl, forcing the Blind Man to abandon his refuge to save her. “

Either I’m wrong, or in ‘Don’t breathe 2’ they will turn the tables and they will place us on the side of the Blind Man , who now seems to go from being the antagonist of the story to adopting the leading role. Whether this is the case or not – this synopsis is vague enough not to give us all chewed up and keep a few tricks up our sleeves – the film has all my interest.

‘Don’t breathe 2’ will premiere on August 13, 2021 – surprisingly, its original release date – and will be directed by Rodo Sayagues ; producer and scriptwriter of the first part and writer of the brutal ‘Infernal Possession’ by Fede Álvarez , which on this occasion he writes and produces. With it reaching half the tension and squalor levels of the 2016 title, I’ll be more than satisfied.

By the way, since we’re talking about Álvarez, don’t miss his ‘Calls’ on Apple TV +, which is the bomb.

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