Snake Eyes: how to stream Úrsula Corberó’s movie

This spectacular action film did not obtain the expected results at the box office of the theaters and now it is launched to conquer the home services.

“Snake Eyes” was a great bet that has in its cast the performances of Henry Golding and the Spanish Úrsula Corberó , among others. The low collection that it obtained in theaters made its launch practically considered a failure.

Since it hit the big screens in late July, there have been high expectations for both its cast, its action-packed proposition, and being part of the GI Joe franchise. However, the box office was very far from what was expected and now from the study they have appealed to a new emergency strategy : home streaming services on demand .

Thus, just a month after its premiere, “Snake Eyes” is already available (or will be available soon) for rent on different platforms. In this way, the producers of the feature film hope to be able to reverse and improve the worrying financial situation generated by this setback in theaters.

This Paramount tape was intended to gross at least $ 110 million in its first month, but has failed to reach even $ 40 million. This figure generates losses and considerable disappointment for executives and investors who bet on the film. That is why they will try to overcome the situation with the worldwide launch.

These days, “Snake Eyes” can already be enjoyed in the United States, renting it for $ 20 on services like Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Microsoft and Google Play. It can also be purchased for $ 25. In turn, for those who wish to see it without paying an extra, in the month of September it will arrive on the Paramount + platform .

The film, directed by Robert Schwentke, tells the initial story of the character known as Snake Eyes. It is Henry Golding who puts himself in the shoes of this mute ninja and the story is temporarily located in instances prior to the accident in which he loses his voice. The cast also includes Samara Weaving, Andrew Kojj and Úrsula Corberó (famous for their role as Tokyo in “La Casa de Papel”) in the role of La Baronesa .

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